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The Sinclair Method | One Little Pill - A Film by Claudia Christian.
The Sinclair Method | One Little Pill - A Film by Claudia Christian.
This page talks about the film "One Little Pill" by Claudia Christian which is about the Sinclair Method to beat alcoholism.
One little pill, Claudia Christian, Naltrexone, The Sinclair Method
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One Little Pill – A Film by Claudia Christian.

“One Little Pill”

This film explains how The Sinclair Method can be used to change the lives of those with Alcoholism or heavy drinking issues. It includes Dr David Sinclair who has created this solution.


Here is the Trailer for the film which can be purchased online from the “one Little Pill” website www.onelittlepillmovie.com.

Worldwide, alcohol abuse kills more people than HIV, nearly 3.3 million per year. Yet what the public believes, and Alcoholics Anonymous purports, “Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic,” is not as true as you think. Nor is the fundamental principle for treating alcoholism that we all take as truth; abstinence. Science has shown that abstinence not only doesn’t take away the addiction, but also increases the craving. So why has one modality dominated our thought since the 1930’s? Why are profitable rehab facilities reluctant to change? And why are millions of people still being denied the opportunity of a simple life saving method and drug that have been FDA approved since 1994? One Little Pill takes an in depth look at a simple, safe method with success rates of 78%, the suppressing obstacles surrounding it, and those people just now finding it.

claudia_christianFive years after it saved her life, Claudia Christian, star of TV’s Babylon 5, is featured on Larry King Live talking about The Sinclair Method. Named after the doctor who spent 40 years studying alcoholism, one must simply take naltrexone one hour before drinking and it will eventually extinguish the learned behavior of alcoholism. Claudia’s passion is to share this method and save lives.

A housewife in Chicago is clouded in secrecy as she hides her use of the method from her husband and his prominent medical standing and political ties. It’s the threat of divorce versus what might save her life. A binge drinker from Detroit sincerely wants to kill this  “monster” of addiction that threatens his new fiancé, two kids, and good job. We watch him try the method, step by step, which involves drinking and the slippery slope that could send him into another four-day binge and back in rehab/detox for a 7th time. A winemaker from Napa Valley is caught between her career and a disease that has killed off much of her family, leaving her hopeless and next in line to end her own life. Can this save her?

The push back from AA and traditional treatment is fierce. We find uninformed doctors and dogmatic rehab facilities in the USA. An inexpensive $2 pill with an expired patent and high success rate isn’t the most profitable business plan. In the UK, although newly approved by the NHS, reluctant doctors still make it extremely difficult to get. In rural India rehab and detox are not even remotely an option, but the Sinclair Method has been shown to work well here, providing hope for poverty stricken wives and children of alcoholics. But even at an inexpensive $2 price tag, that’s more than they can afford.

The story returns to America to learn that an astounding 80% of crimes are committed by addicts. An outspoken former prosecutor with years of experience fighting criminal addiction urges courts to use naltrexone as her county in California did, albeit against the wishes of the state, but with amazing results. Treat the addict and you stop the crimes.  Alcoholism is a far reaching and severe worldwide issue. So Claudia risks herself, as the characters risk themselves, in the hope that the addiction community will wake up, include modern techniques, and save millions of lives.


Legal Disclaimer Notice: The rules for obtaining opioid antagonist tablets such as Naltrexone vary in different parts of the world so always consult your Doctor. Some countries require a prescription while in others the medication can simply be purchased over the counter in a Pharmacy. There are often different terms used when this solution is used as treatment. For example although not generally referred to as the Sinclair Method, the method has now been approved for use with nalmefene (Selincro®) in all of the European Union member states. There are many different methods to help somebody stop abusing alcohol and your Doctor may advise you that an alternative method would be more suitable in your case.

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